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Steel Cord (5,3 MB)
Hose Wire (3,6 MB)
Bead Wire (4 MB)
Spring Wire (2,7 MB)
General Purpose Wire (4,6 MB)
Wire For Nails (4,4 MB)
Wire For Spokes (4,6 MB)
Wire For Meshes (4,3 MB)
Steel Wicker Single Mesh (4,7 MB)
Welding Wire (2,6 MB)
Reinforcing Wire (2,9 MB)
Fibers (3,7 MB)
Dies (4,2 MB)

BMZ Tube Mill

The new plant of Byelorussian Steel Works in Zhlobin for the production of hot-rolled seamless tubes, with an annual capacity of 250.000 tons, was started up in July 2007. The plant is equipped with a state-of-the-art continuous tube mill designed as PQF mandrel mill (6 5/8 inch) by SMS Meer.

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