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Henadzi Cherniakou

Authorized Officer

Budgeting, Planing and Controlling, H&R at Belmet Associates

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Walter Ortner

Authorized Officer


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Wolfgang Leitner

Authorized Officer

Admin. Director Office Linz, Cash Flow and Finance coordination

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Sales & Logistic

Elena Charnashtan

Sales Director

Steel cord, bead wire, Fiber

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Vitaliy Gerasymenko

Sales Director

Wire rod, Tubes, Key Account Management

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Miroslaw Kwiatkowski

Sales Director

Round Bars, Strategic Management

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Dimash Omiriya

Logistic Director

Director Logistics and Transport du@belmet.com +43(0)59303104


Sanja Radonjic

Sales Assistant

Steel cord, bead wire, Fiber


Ekaterina Raab

Finance and Controlling and Sales Assistant



Inna Reiter

Sales Assistant

Round Bars


Anja Mair

Order tracking

Stock Management, Billing, Agent import- export


Maya Demarle


Reception, Administration




About company:

BMZ is a unique Belarusian metallurgical enterprise, which is considered to be a national treasure as well as modern European steelmaker. It can be also found in the republic-wide list of high-tech production enterprises.

Since February 2017 BMZ was given status of a scientific organization based on high R&D progress by the State Committee for Science and Technology and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Today the enterprise comprises four production units connected by a single technological chain – steelmaking, rolling, pipe, down stream products, supplemented with infrastructure shops and business management divisions. Operating at the BMZ, three electric steel smelting shops have increased their production capacity to 3 million tons of steel per year due to modernization. At present, the electric steel smelting shop No. 1 performs smelting and casting of ordinary grade steel, and the electric steel shop No. 2 deals with structural and alloyed steel. The shops are equipped with three modern electric arc furnaces with a capacity of 100 tons each. Monitoring of all production processes and quality control in the shops are carried out using computers that allow obtaining metal of high-quality constantly. 4_300

The rolled products are manufactured in two workshops of BMZ. The section rolling shop No. 1 produces high-grade small-section rolled products as well as wire rods. The shop is equipped with modernized small-section mill 320, wire mill 150 and reversible rolling mill 850. Rolling shop No. 2, commissioned in September 2015, is equipped with a modern small-section wire rolling mill with total capacity of 700,000 tons per year with the prospect of increasing production to 1 million tons per year._300

Pipe production is performed with a pipe-rolling unit, which includes a flailing stitcher, 4-cage mill PQF® and a reduction-stretching mill for manufacturing pipes used in the oil and gas industry as well as in machine building.

The hardware production of the Belarusian Metallurgical Plant is represented by three steel wire shops (No. 1 – Micord, No. 2 – Pluscord and No. 3) and an auxiliary shop for packaging and fiber. The list of products, manufactured by these shops, includes the following items: metal cord, side bronze-plated wire for automobile tires, brass wire for high-pressure hoses, reinforcement, welding, spring, spoke, nail, general wire and fiber (anchor, wave and microfiber).


BMZ is Belarusian leading steel-making enterprise specialized in pipes, wire, fiber and cord production for use in various industries. Operating modern electric steel smelting, pipe rolling and wire manufacturing shops, we are happy to supply products of world-class quality to our customers domestically and overseas. Belmet is professional Partner in Distribution/Finance and Logistic to help in optimizing the package for our customers.


Enhanced by the efficient steelmaking, rolling, pipe and metal hardware production units, combined into single technological chain, BMZ has managed to manufacture high-quality round steel, pipes, steel fiber, metal cord, rod, welding, reinforcing, spring, spoke, nail, mesh and other types of wire. Our clients can be found in the automotive, mechanical engineering, construction, energy sectors as well as in many other fields.


With steel production facilities and headquarter located in Zhlobin, Republic of Belarus, supplemented with the range of branches and dealers in Italy, Austria, Poland, Dubai,  and Serbia BMZ has got the excellent geographical and commercial advantage in terms of convenient access to the world markets enabling our partners and buyers to expect prompt order performance and constant customer support.


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