Belmet – Excellence in Steel

BMZ steel manufacture – perfect alloy of Belarusian outstanding quality and cutting-edge industrial technology. Being the leading manufacturer of steel products in Belarus, BMZ aspires to expand its business across the globe. With a solid experience in steel pipes as well as in cords and wire design and production, we are perfectly capable to deliver most comprehensive industrial solutions within exhaustive applications range.

Our Products

Continuous extending the product assortment to comply with customer’s hard-to-please requirements is Belmet’s core business value, therefore, steel pipes, cords, and wires of various types and applications are presented in the market.


BMZ produces a wide range of wire products.

Wire rod is a hot rolled product that is produced in coils as well as in bars. There is a wide range of steel grades and dimensions.

Steel cord is a wire rope made from cold drawn coated wire. Pirelli, Michelin and Continental are some of our long-standing customers.

Bead Wire is a cold drawn wire product that is used in the tyre industry.


Tubes have been highly valued top products in Europe and all over the world for many years. Seamless pipes are also used in mechanical engineering, commercial vehicle construction, agricultural machinery construction, the construction industry and in the oil industry.

Round Steel

Round steel is a hot-rolled top product from BMZ. It is used in many industries for further processing. A wide range of dimensions and steel grades as well as the narrow dimensional tolerances make our round steel very popular.

Our mighty intellectual technical potential multiplied by modern steel processing facilities and profound market knowledge fill us with enthusiasm to face the most sophisticated challenges by supplying high-quality products at a reasonable price which is a simple formula of Belmet’s convincing success domestically and overseas.

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As long as our customers need more individualized solutions we strive for constant analysis of market specifics and enhancing production strategies to keep up with every client we are happy to work with.